Agriculture and Commerce Sector

The Agriculture and Commerce Sector of the Chamber of Economy of FBiH covers all areas of agriculture, food-processing, and the tobacco industry, as well as the retail and wholesale sectors in the field of commerce. The sector includes two associations: the Agriculture, Food-Processing and Tobacco Industry Association and the Commerce Association, which is currently being established.

Contact information:

Sector Director
Erina Lasic
Tel: +387 36 331 223

The Agriculture, Food-Processing and Tobacco Industry Association includes the following sectors:

  • Production and processing of meat, milk, fish and juvenile fish, poultry, animal feed and grains, fruits and vegetables, grain milling, baked and confectionary products, seed and planting materials, medicinal and aromatic herbs, alcoholic beverages and wine, beer, water and juices, as well as honey and other bee products.
Association Secretary
Ivica Barbaric
Tel: +387 36 446 066

Association of Petroleum Product Traders of FBiH

The association’s members are legal entities registered in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, whose registered economic activities include:
a) transport of petroleum and petroleum products,
b) wholesale of petroleum products,
c) retail of petroleum products,
d) storage of petroleum and petroleum products
Association Secretary
Amela Keco
Tel: +387 33 667 938, +387 33 217 782
Fax: +387 33 217 783

Association of Authorized Sales and Service Centers for New Motor Vehicles

Membership in the association is open to business entities that import, sell and/or service new motor vehicles in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For companies not registered in FBiH, membership of this association is not a condition for membership in the Chamber of Economy of FBiH.
The association actively pursues issues affecting this sector with regard to:
-    improving the business environment for vehicle sales and service centers in FBiH,
-    monitoring and adapting industry regulations,
-    social responsibility.
Association Secretary
Andreja Softic
Tel: +387 33 566 333
Fax: +387 33 217 783