Energy Sector

The sector covers all energy forms and sources, with particular focus on the state of affairs in the sectors of coal, electricity and natural gas, as well as renewable energy sources. The sector offers current information on particular aspects of the energy industry and carries out activities including:
  • taking part in defining objectives, drafting and adopting energy strategies and energy needs balances of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the competent authorities;
  • participating in the adoption of energy sector laws and regulations;
  • monitoring trends in production of electricity from fossil fuels and renewable sources;
  • monitoring the restructuring of the electricity production sector (electric power plants, mines);
  • participating in the drafting of new energy sector legislation and standards related to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s integration into the EU. 
This sector also has an active Renewable Energy Association (REA), whose main objective is to promote renewable energy sources and create the conditions needed to address issues in this area more efficiently and effectively. It also promotes the development of complementary industries, fosters the conditions for development and use of new technologies, and encourages the creation of new jobs.

The activities of REA are based on:
  • energy sector strategy and sustainable development policy geared toward environmental protection, security, integrity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness;
  • reforms of the energy sector and development of the renewable energy sector, through participation in drafting and adopting laws and regulations;
  • the necessity and need to change the structure of energy sources by relying on renewable energy and increasing its share in direct consumption;
  • following the process of European integration, providing information and supporting activities in accordance with the Treaty establishing the Energy Community in Southeast Europe;
  • influencing economic policy measures, as well as education and the use of new technologies.
Membership in REA is open to companies from the renewable energy sector, institutes, agencies, centers, organizations, academic institutions, and public administration bodies.

REA Secretary: Lejla Sadikovic
Tel: +387 33 566 311
Fax: +387 33 217 783