Financial and Legal Affairs Sector

The Financial and Legal Affairs Sector carries out its activities through:
  • the Financial Affairs Department and
  • the Department of Human Resources, Legal and General Affairs

The Financial and Legal Affairs Sector performs the following functions:
  • carrying out financial, accounting, foreign trade and commercial activities,
  • participating in the drafting of work and operational plans, development programs, and analyzing their implementation,
  • planning, organizing and monitoring cash flows,
  • proposing, monitoring and analyzing the financial relations and allocation systems within the Chamber,
  • registering all business transactions and preparing the balance sheets and financial statements of the Chamber,
  • coordinating procurement procedures for the needs of the Chamber,
  • working closely with other departments of the Chamber and other organizations, institutions and individuals in performing its scope of activities.

The sector also deals with the Chamber’s human resources, legal and general affairs by:
  • taking part in the drafting of agreements/contracts, at the request of other Chamber departments;
  • preparing draft normative, general and other acts within its field of activity and contributing to draft proposals from other areas of the Chamber’s activities;
  • acting as the legal representative of the president and vice-president before judicial, administrative and other bodies,
  • performing expert, administrative and technical tasks for the Management Board, Supervisory Board and Assembly of the Chamber;
  • coordinating and giving instructions, within its field of activity, to other departments of the Chamber,
  • providing legal aid in the interpretation of legislation, general acts, instructions, decrees, etc.
  • providing legal opinions on agreements/contracts prepared by other Chamber departments;
  • providing legal opinions, drafting the legal forms of laws, rulebooks and other acts to be prepared by other departments of the Chamber;  
  • participating in the work of committees formed for the activities of other sectors;
  • providing legal assistance to other departments of the Chamber at their request and for activities within their field of action,
  • resolving property rights issues regarding the Chamber’s immovable property, in cooperation with other departments of the Chamber,
  • human resource management and administrative activities;
  • drafting normative and general acts pertaining to labor relations and organization of work.