Industry and Services Sector

In its work, the Industry and Services Sector brings together all branches of the manufacturing industry, carrying out its activities through trade associations that give our member companies the opportunity to participate in Chamber activities.

The sector helps member companies harmonize their interests through their representatives in the bodies of trade associations and manufacturers’ communities, while focusing on the advancement and development of industrial production, promotion, and representation before state and entity governments and ministries, the competent state and FBiH institutions, international organization and foreign countries.

The sector’s activities include the following:
  • drafting reports and analyses on economic trends, both general and industry-specific, using data collected from statistics agencies, companies, and the relevant institutions
  • maintaining databases with general information on members of trade associations and communities
  • organizing meetings of associations and communities to discuss current economic issues and adopt measures to improve the state of affairs
  • connecting local companies with companies abroad, as well as finding potential partners for local businesses
  • advancing and monitoring all forms of long-term technical and business cooperation, between both local and foreign partners, particularly in terms of obtaining and transferring industrial property rights (licenses, know-how, patents, registered trademarks and models, long-term manufacturing cooperation, business and technical cooperation, etc.), as well as activities related to technological development, establishing technology parks, business innovation centers and similar technological centers in FBiH