Promotion and Education Center

The Promotion and Education Center was created as a new organizational unit of the Chamber of Economy in 2015. Its primary task is to provide companies and their staff with continued business education. The life-long learning concept is the guiding principle of the Center’s work.

The center’s mission is to provide continued education to our member companies and other businesses, through specialist courses on current topics that meet their expectations and demands and provide practical, applicable knowledge and skills. The other area of the center’s activities is related to organizing thematic roundtables, panels, etc. in order to provide current information and transfer knowledge to the relevant stakeholders. The adoption of new knowledge, skills and competencies is a necessity and a prerequisite for the increase of intellectual capital, which in turn leads to better results in the operation of any business. The Chamber of Economy of FBiH and this center are dedicated to contributing to that end.

Promotion, representation and support of our member companies is provide with one goal: to enhance the business environment they operate in and assist their participation in fairs, their presentation activities, business contacts and similar promotional activities in the organizational, technical and material sense.

Fairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2016
Center Director
Enisa Kadic
Tel: +387 33 200 419
Fax: +387 33 217 783