Why should you join the Chamber?

We know from the positive experiences of countries with developed market economies and transition countries that business entities that market their products or services are usually members of business associations that represent their interests and assist them in achieving their business plans and goals.

The Chamber offers its members many benefits:

  • They are members of a unique business association, modeled after the rest of the business world;
  • They have a legitimate and competent representative before legislative and government institutions, someone to represent them both locally and abroad;
  • They have their own associations, councils, sections, committees, and other organizational forms important to achieving their business goals;
  • They can contribute significantly to developing a better business environment;
  • They have an association at their disposal that can provide expertise and organize different business events of common or individual interest;
  • They have a complete infrastructure at their disposal in implementing various activities, harmonizing their opinions, and articulating their interests;
  • Members receive services related to public authorizations under more favorable conditions.

The benefits and importance of being a member of this unique business association far outweigh the costs of membership.